A Maximalist Decor Guide for joyful homes

Maximalist interior design is all about expressing yourself through bold colours, quirky patterns, and layered textures. Transform your home to maximum elegance.

A Maximalist Decor Guide for joyful homes

Do you find a minimalist design to be lifeless and monotonous? Then you have to give minimalist interior design a shot. It creates a sophisticated, elegant, and lovely room with its wonderful chaos and vibrant colours. At the cost of minimalists, this style has had a significant resurgence in recent years. To highlight the value of life, happiness, and elegance, many designers have started to become experts in including a plethora of features and nuances in their designs. As a result, we believe it's critical to understand this classic and contemporary design as well as its key elements.

A Brief History of Maximalist Interior Design

While the origins of the Maximalist design can be found in the Baroque and Rococo periods of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Victorian era saw the emergence of this style with its many characteristics. 

The designers did not confine themselves to elaborate details and vibrantly coloured fabrics; instead, they added numerous antiques, turning the house into a miniature museum. The eclectic furniture also was an essential part of the style. This style was intended mainly to showcase riches and uniqueness.

Bright hues, contemporary accessories, and daring layering have been added to the current interpretation of maximalism. The trend can be adapted for any space, including beautiful Spanish country houses or smaller modern apartments.

Maximalism of today focuses on designing areas that showcase unique narratives and interests. It welcomes variety, eco-friendliness, and a fusion of contemporary and historical components.

What Is Maximalist Interior Design?

The maximalism motto, "more is more," is a protest against minimalism and informs every element of the design. The ideas of maximalism welcome excess as long as it is structured. It gives your living area more individuality, brightness, and abundance.

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Key Characteristics of  Maximalist Interior Design

Joy is a fundamental element of maximalist design because the vibrancy and energy that hits when you are in a room full of aesthetic details ignite happiness in you. Here are some of the main aspects of this style:


creating depth with layering in interior design

The skill of layering involves putting together a design plan with elements that work well together to provide the space depth and visual impact. Selecting the right colour to serve as a base for your plan is the first and most crucial step. Harmony and a maximalist look may be achieved by approaching each addition as a layer.

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Repetitive Pattern

repetitive pattern in wall paper

Patterns in maximalist interiors represent a significant difference. Previously popular white walls and muted colours become less popular and are replaced by vibrant wallpaper. Typically, things that are bright, unique, and have a hook attract the eye. We occasionally encounter walls decorated with banana branches or palm leaves since tropical combinations are now in style.

Rich Colours

rich color in maximalist interior design

Definitely in the lead is a vibrant colour scheme. Colours like emerald, navy blue, violet, sapphire, black, or fuchsia frequently serve as the first choice in interior design. These rich, vibrant hues invite us to enter an imaginative and expressive world.

Unique Statement Pieces

Cozy Lounge Chair creating strong statement

The main goal of this look is to highlight your distinct interests and individuality. Maximalist spaces are crammed with objects, most of which have been gathered over time or brought in by their owners from several global travels.  You may display your treasured family antiques and unique artwork. This style also has intriguing furniture with rich hues and intricate craftsmanship. As a decorative accent, several mirrors with gold frames are hung on the wall.

Blending of Styles and Colours

blending of styles and colour in maximalist style

In a word, all you'll be fond of are maximalist interiors. The combination of modern or Art Deco elements with retro fashion shouldn't be shocking. Retro furniture and accessories are frequently the focal point of maximalist home design.

To build your ideal room, select the styles that best reflect your personality and mix and match them.

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How Can You Design a Maximalist Interior in Your Home?

Almost every area may incorporate maximalist design elements, and each piece has a distinct look that reflects the artist who created it. The key to maximalist interior design is illustrated by these few tips.

  • Filling the Visual Space: Filling the visual space is essential in a maximalist design style. The goal is to make a visually appealing arrangement that is captivating without becoming overpowering.
  • Keeping it Organized: Even if maximalist décor is volumetric, an organisation is nevertheless beneficial to it. Straight-up clutter or haphazard placements are both just that—clutter. A designed space that is thoughtfully arranged preserves style, grace, and elegance.
  • Varying Textures, Colors, Patterns: Variations in colours, textures, appearance, feel, and material are advantageous in maximalist decor. However, it is still possible to arrange them such that they "come together" and still feel and seem appropriate.

Choose Mimari Expert for a Timeless Interior Design

Our artwork and clothing choices serve as reflections of our style. This concept also extends to the interior design of our homes. Taking delight in the interior decor of your house is equivalent to taking pleasure in your style. Don't be reluctant to choose the most elegant and current styles for a joyful and comfortable life.

Mimari Expert is here to help you design a unique home with a personalised style that feels comfy and pleasant. Contact us and get a free consultation from our expert designers.

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