Engineering consulting is one of the most important professional services provided by a group of specialized engineers, to provide advice on the completion of work or to find solutions to the structure of the house or facility, in a manner that best suits the nature of the facility and compatible with its engineering.

The importance of engineering consulting lies in the provision of private consulting, which provides the scientific answer to the need at hand. It offers better solutions to solve problems in a scientific way and creates new development plans to increase the aesthetic at home or facility.

Engineering design: Development of engineering layouts with their exact dimensions, areas and sizes, and determination of the volume and cost of work, by a competent engineer, using the latest engineering and design software techniques.

Interior design or decoration is the process of choosing whatever is inside the house in a scientific form that matches the geometry of the house or facility and includes the selection of the materials of clothing, in terms of appropriate and aesthetic quality.

It also includes the choice of furniture compatible with the function, space, and dimensions of each part of the house or facility, and the provision of a bouquet of appropriate choices for the owner to choose from.

The engineering design is concerned with the structural engineering calculation of the building and finding solutions in the event of emergency structural modifications.

While the interior design is concerned with the planning of the interior of the house or facility, the scientific distribution of the parts and facilities, optimization and modification when needed. in addition to the selection and calculation of interiors and insulation, and the selection and distribution of furniture in such a way as to meet the available aesthetic criteria, as permitted by home engineering and the budget for furniture.

The role of the supervising engineer is to study the scientific planning of the engineering work and to oversee its precise application to the ground, where it brings benefit and security within the required quality and beauty standards.

The presence of the supervising engineer achieves the work in the form required on scientific grounds and prevents any problems that may result from poor execution, which may result in damage to the current or future durability or aesthetic of the engineering work.

There are many factors that affect the choice of home furniture, the most important being the design of the home, the function and size of the part to be removed, and nature and age groups of the people living in the house.

The nature and climate of the place where the house is located also play an important role in the selection of furniture, as well as the selection of the owner of the house and the budget for furniture.

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