Mimari Expert’s privacy policy complies with regulations in force in the electronic field by protecting our client’s data.

Mimari Expert’s honourable clients are highly welcomed to use the company’s website. Using Mimari Expert’s website is subject to the company’s privacy policy and terms of use; any practices made by you on the company’s website include your tacit agreement to terms of use and privacy policy.

Mimari Expert uses the clients’ data and information, willingly provided by them, according to ethical manners and professional standards, offering the utmost privacy.

Mimari Expert never collects clients’ data without their consent or complete knowledge of the data they are providing while surfing the website.

While visiting any website, including Mimari Expert’s, the hosting server records the following: 

  • Your device IP (the Internet Protocol)
  • Date and time of visit as well as browser type.
  • The external website’s address from which you were redirected to our website

Mimari Expert disclaims all responsibility for external links; using them falls within your complete responsibility.

Mimari Expert will always maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data willingly provided by users provided that:

  • they are not requested by new laws and regulations,
  • we think (without bad intentions) that this practice is requested to execute the law,
  • or we defend you or protect Mimari Expert’s intellectual property rights.

Mimari Expert is committed to protecting contact information, sent willingly by clients or requested information to help provide services. We maintain the information privacy and confidentiality and never send or sell them to a third party without your prior written consent. The information will remain in the company’s archive in the form of private collective data, used only for statistical purposes without making them public or using them in a way that can identify any of our clients.

The data provided by you will be used in responding to all your inquiries, comments, or requests by the Mimari Expert website team or other Imtilak Group websites.

Mimari Expert will not sell, barter, or disclose any information to a third party. Information will be disclosed only upon legal notice by a judicial or regulatory authority.

Mimari Expert reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of privacy and confidentiality policy if necessary and when appropriate. You will be constantly notified of the data obtained, how it will be used, and to whom it will be provided.

You are most welcome to contact us via the “contact us” section on our website or by the following e-mail: [email protected]

Your concerns about the privacy and confidentiality of your information are highly appreciated. Hopefully, we managed to protect it using this clear and precise policy.

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