Affordable Ideas to Decorate Your Kid's Room

Affordable kids' room decor ideas that are fun, functional, and easy on the wallet. Learn how to create a space your child will love.

Affordable Ideas to Decorate Your Kid's Room

Display What You Already Have

Install cheap shelving and decorate it with objects you already own instead of spending a lot of money on costly paintings to cover a wide, empty wall. A wall of wooden hexagonal shelves in this child's sitting room is stocked with kid's books, plush toys, and little houseplants. Choose your favourite accessories to show, then arrange them in a balanced way. 

books and plushy toys for decorating a children room

Update Old Furniture with a Little Paint

A new coat of paint may breathe new life into worn-out furniture. It may energise a space similarly to painting the entire room, but it's less expensive. For a kid-friendly design, think about going with a vibrant colour like the coral shade of this dresser.

As your child gets older, their tastes will inevitably vary, but that doesn't mean you have to replace their old desk every time their preferred hue shifts. If you happen to have a few extra paint brushes sitting around the home, grab a couple of sample pots of paint and give an old desk some colour. To produce an ombre effect, add a little white paint to the base colour and stir to blend the colours.

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Frame Your Children's Artwork

Prints are a great way to bring colour to a white bedroom, despite the fact that they may occasionally be rather pricey. Why not use some of your child's artwork to decorate their room? Frame and hang student's favourite drawings for a cheap gallery wall. Your child will be happy to have their artwork on display in the space, and it will provide a reasonably priced pop of colour. Your child's confidence is going to grow as a result of this technique since they will feel that their efforts are respected and acknowledged.

child artwork on the wall

Add a Touch of Greenery

Houseplants are a terrific way to liven up a plain area. you can locate the perfect plant for a reasonable price. Choose a plant to suitably occupy the space after considering where its presence will be most beneficial. For example, a tree in this space would be too big to see out the window, but a leafy, low-profile plant is perfect. Keep in mind that the item you choose will be in your child's bedroom, so be sure it's not poisonous.

Add an Economical Art Effect to Walls

Children's rooms may be given individuality by using wall paintings. However, hiring someone else to paint one might be incredibly expensive if you lack artistic abilities. Try a basic paint effect for a more affordable option that gives walls interest without breaking the bank. Choose two complementary colours for this geometric wall statement, split the wall in half using masking tape and a spirit level, and start painting.

Add a Canopy

With a simple mesh canopy, you may give your child a lovely haven. A canopy has a striking aesthetic impact and costs less than $50. To make the area feel more cosy and comfortable, layer cushions, blankets, or a beanbag you already own in the bottom.

a canopy in children room

Get Creative with Wall Stickers

Try utilising wall stickers to spruce up a wall affordably if you and your child struggle with painting since you aren't naturally talented.  The nicest thing about wall stickers is that they are simple to take off, making it simple and affordable to replace them if your child outgrows the design.

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Make it Spacious

Try to set up a workspace that is suitable for children if you have adequate room. Give your children their own area so they may experiment, express their creativity, and have fun. These activities are crucial for the kids' mental and physical growth, as well as for keeping them occupied (and out of your way). For somewhat older children, a personal workplace may be fantastic since they can use it to study and complete their assignments.

Why You Should Involve Your Kids in Decorating their Room

You Will Know Your Child Better

Every action a child takes is directly influenced by how they feel or by the circumstances they are now facing. letting your child participate in choosing the design for their room provides you with an opportunity to get to know them and what is going on in their lives.

It Helps Your Child Know they Matter

Most people did not have the opportunity to voice their ideas when they were growing up. Because their parents believed they might be too young to make informed decisions, decisions were made for them. Unfortunately, this strategy could prevent children from making their own judgements later in life.

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It Helps them Develop a Personal Style

Giving children the opportunity to choose their own decor ideas helps them develop their cognitive ability of beauty and art. It improves their taste as they experiment with different schemes of colour or paints. This eventually will improve their sense of understanding aesthetic elements and they may grow to be artists themselves.

Design Your Child’s Room with Mimari Expert

Our beloved children are the leaders of the future, taking care of them means a better future for them. Decorating a kid’s room is not trivial because it could affect a child's mood and attitude. Children would prefer to live in a cosy and beautiful environment. If you find decorating is complex for you, don’t worry. Mimari Expert has an experienced team of designers who can turn any space into a piece of heaven at the lowest cost possible. Paying attention to every detail and every impact of design elements, our team will satisfy your needs and fulfil your desires by providing modern design that reflects originality.
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