The Ultimate Guide to Doors: Style & Design

Selecting the perfect door for your home can enhance style and efficiency. This guide covers key factors to consider such as material, style, and budget.

The Ultimate Guide to Doors: Style & Design

Your front entrance is one of the first things guests see, so it should reflect your home's style and serve as an introduction to the elegance of your interior design. Meanwhile, your doors significantly impact your home's security, energy efficiency, and functioning. Choosing the proper door for your house may appear to be a straightforward decision, but several critical aspects must be considered. In this tutorial, we'll walk you through the most important elements when shopping for interior and exterior doors.

The Importance Of Doors For Interior Design

One of the key advantages of interior doors is that they add privacy and security to your property. They enable you to separate certain portions of your home, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets, from the rest of the house. This is especially significant in families with many inhabitants since it ensures that each individual has a private area. Interior doors also serve to limit noise between rooms, allowing you to sleep or work without being interrupted by outside sounds. The doors you select should complement the current décor and finishes. Matching the design of your doors to the rest of your decor may significantly improve the visual flow and harmony of your living areas.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Door

red door in interior design

Functionality and Use

In addition to its aesthetic value, doors provide access to structures and movement between rooms inside them. They help to create a secure atmosphere by providing privacy, preventing airflow, and forming an impenetrable barrier in the face of noise pollution, assuring the occupants' entire safety. Doors provide security or privacy, which is why a variety of locks are used on them, ranging from simple mechanisms to sophisticated electronic security systems.


Doors may be built from a variety of materials. Melamine-coated doors give your house a stylish and cheap appearance, whilst hardwood doors create a warm, traditional appeal and are more lasting due to their natural components. PVC doors are moisture and water-resistant, as well as easy to clean. Glass doors additionally have a modern, beautiful appearance and let more light into the rooms.

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Style and Shape

The doors are designed according to different shapes, sizes, and materials to adapt to any style of decoration, as there are many types of designs used in manufacturing doors, and one can choose one of the different and distinctive door designs such as traditional doors, craft doors, rural doors, and arched doors.

Ideal Colors

There are several alternatives for door colours. Which one is suitable for you? Most individuals choose conventional hues like brown or beige. Keep in mind that white, while a clean and bright hue, scuffs quickly and requires more washing to look good. If you want to create a colourful and unusual design, consider using a statement door. Statement doors are gaining more favour. People frequently mix bright doors with colourful window frames or shutters.


If you want more security and privacy, use a stronger door, such as one made of steel. If you choose a door with windows, you may want them to be textured so that they are difficult to see through.

When it comes to the security of your home or company, you must choose the right sort of door.

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Types of Home Doors

interior and exterior doors design

There are two main types of doors in homes: interior and exterior. Both of them serve different purposes and have different visual characteristics:

Interior Doors

Interior doors are meant to be lighter and thinner than outside doors, with a hollow core. However, more costly interior doors include a wood fibre core or a honeycomb-like inside to assist in muffling noise. They generally cost less than exterior doors.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors usually consist of wood or woodgrain cores surrounded by layers of steel or metal for maximum temperature control and security features.

The Different Types of Door Materials

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are commonly utilised for interior door applications. Timber is the oldest material used for doors, and it never appears out of style. There are several benefits to using wood, including soundproofing, insulation, and security. They are simple to install and clean. They have a lengthy lifespan and distinct attraction due to their natural origins wood is an important material for decoration and interior design.

brown wooden interior doors

Steel Doors

Steel doors are utilized in both internal and external applications. These doors have a steel front and a foam core for insulation. They are quite sturdy when compared to the other doors. They may not have the same aesthetic appeal as wooden or glass doors.

PVC Doors

PVC doors are lightweight and easy to operate.  They come in a range of patterns and colours and are visually appealing. These doors do not rust and require minimal maintenance. However, it is not scratch-proof.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are difficult to install since they are breakable. However, due to their improved durability, glass doors are ideal for side entrances, patios, and balconies. Glass doors are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Even though they are not ideal for security, they do enable light to pass through.

Fiberglass Doors

Fibreglass is quickly gaining favour as a viable material for an entry door. Fiberglass is the most energy-efficient form of door; because it does not transfer heat or cold, its R-value can be four to five times that of wood. Other features include dent resistance, lightweight design, and little maintenance.

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