Living Room Corner Design: Furniture & Decor

Create a stunning corner in your living room with these beautiful ideas. This is a quick guide to transforming awkward corners into a stylish focal point with decorations and furniture.

Living Room Corner Design: Furniture & Decor

Corners in living rooms are sometimes difficult to design, but this does not imply abandoning this area and leaving it vacant in an awkward way, since many inspirational ideas may change a dead corner into a beautiful live scene. In this post, we will learn about many modern ideas for decorating your house and inspiring various design styles for your home.

Reason To Decorate Your Living Room Corner

Filling a space in your living room might provide various benefits. It can improve the aesthetics of the place. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Improves Room Aesthetics: An empty corner may make a space appear unfinished or imbalanced. By adding a decorative feature, you may change a dull location into a trendy one, increasing the room's overall appearance.
  • Adds Functionality: Using the corner for practical uses, such as a reading nook or dry bar, may increase the value of your living space. It's a technique to make every element of the room useful.
  • Provides Storage Solutions: Installing shelves or cabinets can provide more storage without cluttering the space. It's an excellent method to showcase books, souvenirs, and artworks.

Best 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Empty Corner

Hang a Corner Gallery Wall

If you have some framed art yet to be hung, now is the time to make a spectacular display. Corner gallery walls are usually visually appealing and allow you to highlight some of your favourite pieces. because people like art they will find your space interesting and inviting. this art gallery may also be a good topic for a lovely conversation.

Add a Plant

This idea will appeal to you if you enjoy integrating plants into your interior design. You can't go wrong with some plants in the corner of your room.  Plants make a lovely addition to your decor. Plants are a terrific way to bring fresh life (literally) to an empty area, whether you want to adorn it with a tall floor plant or hanging one from the ceiling. Before you buy a plant, think about the type that would work best for the lighting conditions in your room.

add some plants to living room corner

Incorporate Cozy Reading Nook

Transform your living room corner into a perfect reading nook. Nothing beats the delight of sliding into a cosy nook and immersing yourself in the fascinating world of literature. Placing a comfy and elegant reading chair in the corner of your living room can instantly enhance the space's seating arrangement.

To take your living room’s corner decor to the next level, complement the reading spot with a bookshelf, a side table, and a floor lamp.

Occupy The Corner With A Modular Sofa

L-shaped or modular-style couches are beneficial in living rooms, particularly when dealing with tight corners. Most furniture retailers that sell modular couches enable you to pick the orientation, and many sofas may be customized to meet your specific plan.

modular sofa

Place A Desk Area

Whether we're working from home or the kids need to finish their homework, a separate workplace is always necessary these days. It doesn't have to be intimidating, so make use of an underutilized living room corner or alcove. A floating desk is ideal for corners since it serves as a reading area with a bookcase above, and the design saves floor space while still giving ample workspace.

add desk in the corner

Set Up A Coffee Station

If you are a coffee lover and can't go a day without having a cup of coffee, living room corner ideas that include placing a coffee station can be great. To design your coffee station, you don't need to spend a fortune on cabinets. You can create a great environment using a simple style cabinet or floating shelves, as well as the right colours.

Relax in an Egg Chair

Who wouldn't want to grab a nice book and relax in this egg chair? If you want to relax and unwind in your living room, choosing a large and colourful piece of furniture like this is always a good choice. After a long day of work, you can relax in your chair while watching your favourite TV show.

egg chair in room corner

Add a Mirror

If you have a tiny area, adding a mirror will immediately fool the eye into making the space look larger. They may stretch your walls, break up clutter or congestion, and increase light in your home, making this the ideal selfie spot! To further elevate your selfie spot, place a tall vase filled with pampas grass, a standing plant, or even some tall candles in front of your mirror, as previously indicated.

Insert A Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are ideal because they offer the job or mood lighting required in a living area while taking up little space. A floor lamp, when plugged into a corner, may stretch over your sofa and make the living space feel more like its own zone - whether it's a more prominent or semi-transparent shade that gives a subtle glow and mood, the possibilities are unlimited.

add floor lamp to the corner

Include Open Shelving

Living room shelving is an excellent option to increase storage space in an underutilized or plain living room area. Open shelves may make a strong statement while still being functional and visually appealing. It is also more cost-effective than a completely enclosed storage container, particularly in a small space.

Mimari Expert: Your Guide To Elegant Interior Design

When it comes to decorating a room's corner, the possibilities are unlimited. We realize that you may be tempted to keep your room's corner unfilled since styling it appears to be a big endeavour. However, you can always ask for professional help from designers. Mimari Expert strives to help clients by creating stunning interior designs for their homes.

Contact us today and book a free consultation to design your space.

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