Transform your Tiny Istanbul Apartment into Spacious Havens

Maximize the space in your Istanbul small apartment with easy design tips and tricks. Enhance the functionality of your space and maintain the elegance of style.

Transform your Tiny Istanbul Apartment into Spacious Havens

Do you feel cramped in your little Istanbul apartment? You may enjoy living in small, cosy spaces, but you struggle to make the most of the available space to enhance your quality of life. Well, there are several Ideas that you can try to achieve a modern and elegant look while maintaining the functionality of your space. This blog is a practical guide to assisting you in making a few adjustments that will result in a significant change and make you feel like you have more room in your flat.

Design Ideas to Maximize the Space of Your Istanbul Apartment

Loft Your Bed

loft your bed in a small apartment

One of the easiest and most important ways to add space to your small apartment in Istanbul is to loft your bed. You can exploit this new space by placing a dining table or a study desk underneath it. Some people who work from home can create their workspace. Choose a small wooden staircase that does not take up much space, as our goal is to expand, not narrow. This little apartment design is especially useful for studios, where distinct zones must be created in a single area.

Let the Light Flow into Your Apartment

Natural light is healthy for humans and contributes to reducing humidity. In addition, light is an important element that can be exploited to improve the interior design style of your apartment. For example, the flow of light gives a feeling of space. When buying curtains for your window, choose highly transparent white curtains to allow as much light as possible.

Natural light is also one of the criteria for sustainability in interior design, as it saves energy and thus contributes to reducing the percentage of carbon on the surface of the planet. Fortunately, Istanbul has sunshine all year round, so why not take advantage of it?

Use Lighter Shade Paint Colours

use lighter shade of paint colour

Lighter paint tones will reflect natural light, making the space appear larger. Darker tones, on the other hand, will make the room feel cosier and more intimate. If you want to create a more expansive atmosphere, a light and neutral colour palette would work well. Think light greys, creams, and whites.

Sticking with one hue rather than establishing feature walls can also assist in improving the proportions of your area.

Utilize Empty Corners

It can be difficult to spot empty corners in your small apartment in Istanbul. But if you find an empty corner next to your bed, for example, you can exploit it by adding a dresser and placing some plants. These dead corners don't add aesthetic appeal if left empty, so why not utilize the space to increase storage options?

Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are an age-old technique that never fails to make a room look larger. They are also quite affordable. Turkish people like Mirrors as an element of design. So large mirrors in your Istanbul apartment will not look alien. Mirrors function by attracting sunlight, allowing it to bounce about the room and create a sense of space in your apartment.

Oversized mirrors are the best choice for employing mirrors, and if feasible, use wall-to-wall mirrors to gain more light. Place the mirrors in an artistic style so that they reflect the window and the outside view.

Opt for Fold Out Furniture

Bedroom interior flat with Vertical Murphy Wall Bed

This is a decision you will never regret when you take control of the space and make it multi-functional. Thanks to the ingenious design of folding in and out furniture, a sleeping space at night could turn into a workstation in the day with a few movements. When not in use, These furniture pieces, can simply be folded back into the wall or their compact shape. This way, your apartment remains uncluttered, and you can enjoy more open space.

Hang Shelves in the Kitchen and Use Vertical Space

It is expected that the kitchen space will also be small in your Istanbul apartment. Some apartments do not have a kitchen at all, so you must think differently when it comes to storage space. Instead of looking for horizontal spaces, vertical storage must be exploited. Shelves can be installed to store utensils, or kitchenware can be hung on the wall. This idea does not make your apartment look ugly, on the contrary, it is a well-known style to decorate kitchens.

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Use Under-Bed Storage

Storage drawers for bedding under modern bed

If you can't loft your bed, and it's a non-folding bed, don't worry you can at least store your things underneath it. First, consider A Bed With Built-In Storage. Use this space to store seasonal items, such as winter clothes and shoes. Do not put things out of order, but put them in organized and tightly closed boxes. Vacuum-sealed bags are also a great solution for under-bed storage.

Mimari Expert: The Interior Designer You Need for Your Istanbul Apartment

It does not matter the shape of your apartment or its interior space, interior design experts can transform any place into its optimal form. Mimari Expert, with a team of professional designers, can create creative designs that take into account purpose, beauty and budget.

All you have to do is contact our team and present your idea of ​​the shape and style you want, and get modern designs for your apartment that are in line with your lifestyle and make things easier. Contact us now.

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