Decorate Your Home Like a Turkish Palace

Simple Turkish decoration tips to transform your home into a palace. Create an inviting and eye-pleasing home with rich colors and vibrant textiles.

Decorate Your Home Like a Turkish Palace

Do you think about refurbishing your home? Why not try the Turkish style for decoration? It is culturally rich and it can turn your home into an Ottoman palace. Vibrant colors, blue and white floral motifs, and handcrafted brass will make your space glow like houses in a fairytale. If Turkish culture captures your interest, let us show you how we incorporate these elements into interior design. This blog provides easy and simple tips and ideas to incorporate style elements into your home.

1. Utilize Colorful Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Colorful Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Turkish mosaic lamps are handmade masterpieces of art. Their different shapes and colors make them the perfect elements for design. you can blend them easily into any different style while keeping the harmony of the space. these lamps also add to the ambiance lighting by increasing coziness and warm feeling. However, choose colors and sizes that fit into your home and serve your purpose when choosing the mosaic lamps. you also need to place them in a suitable spot. These lamps can be used as bedside lamps or as accent elements in your living room.

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2. Traditional Motifs on Ceramic Bowls

Traditional turksih Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic bowls make designer’s jobs easy when they want to add vibrant artistic expressions and elements. Besides their visual delights within their glazed surfaces and details of floral designs, each one whispers tales of its origin. Placing these bowls and motifs on your coffee or display shelves creates a conversation between past and present.

Because these objects are versatile consider using them as:

  • Wall art: Group bowls of varying sizes and motifs on a wall to create a unique and eye-catching installation.
  • Accent pieces: Place a striking bowl on a console or bookshelf.
  • Functional accents: Use bowls to hold fruit, keys, or other everyday items.

3. Beyond Function: Copper as Decorative Art

Copper has always been an integral aspect of traditional Turkish design and culture. When visiting Turkey, you will notice a lot of hand-crafted copper goods, usually cooking equipment, at popular sites like Grand Bazaar. Copper trays, pitchers, coffee pots, and bowls may help you achieve an oriental style in your home. There are not only copper goods, but also handmade metal, brass, and silver works that may be used decoratively and usefully in your kitchen. Furthermore, to simulate the oriental impression of Turkish baths, install copper bowls in your bathroom beside Turkish cotton towels.

4. Place Luxurious Turkish Carpets

Luxurious Turkish Carpets

A carpet with classic themes will complete any Turkish décor. You may add a rustic charm to your home with ancient Turkish rugs. Wool is used to hand weave some Turkish carpets. These would be rather costly because of the amount of time and effort required. However, there are also low-cost ones available for purchase. They are available in a variety of colorful colors. In general, they will look best with wood accents. A wooden floor or rustic furniture will bring a touch of elegance to your home design.

5. Add Hand-stitched Textiles

Is your living room feeling a little dull or plain? Hand-stitched cushions and pillows with traditional Turkish themes will give your couches a fresh genuine appeal. Place huge Turkish pillows with traditional themes on your terrace or patio, and finish the rustic appearance with an Ottoman-style finely carved coffee table. This combination will exactly imitate Ottoman palaces and dwellings. Do you require marginal and exquisite art items for your walls? For a splash of color, place an embroidered Turkish wall carpet on a plain wall.

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6. Glorify Your House with Turkish Tiles

Ancient turkish tile pattern on ceramic wall

Turkish ceramic tiles are famous for their floral designs, which are predominantly tulip motifs. The colors are often electric blues, pristine whites, brilliant reds, and subtle greens. These tiles are originally handcrafted and hand-painted, which may be pricey. However, you may get this exotic effect in your home using inexpensive peel-and-stick tiles. They are simple to implement and quite useful. You may use Turkish tiles over your kitchen countertops or make your bathroom more gorgeous.

7. Create a Modern Palace with Elegant Sofa Sets

Despite popular belief, Turkish decor does not exclusively consist of classic and Ottoman-inspired furniture. If you're seeking something different in your home design, you might like what modern Turkish decoration has to offer. A typical Turkish decor comprises a couch set with one three-seat, one two-seat, and two armchairs. In the center is a basic or ornate coffee table. Carpets, like any other room, are an essential feature of the living room.

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Hire Mimari Expert for a Turkish Classic Interior Design

The Turkish style is very much a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean styles with its unique features. Handcrafted items with vibrant colors could make your dull space dance with energy. Turkish style has been increasing in demand for the last few years. If you would like to flourish your home look with Turkish elements of design, Mimari Expert will delightfully fulfill your wishes. Our team of designers is capable of integrating many styles of interior design and they also can blend different themes into one of your liking. We take pride in catering designs that are functional and eye-catching while keeping a high standard of the best practices and quality.

Contact us today and design a palace-like home.

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