How to Divide a Room Without Building Walls

Create new rooms without building walls in your open floor plan. Discover creative ways to divide a room by incorporating curtains, bookcases, and screens.

How to Divide a Room Without Building Walls

Have you ever thought about changing the floor layout of your space? Or have you considered splitting your spacious room into sections? There are creative ways to divide a space into sections to utilize it to serve multifunctional purposes. These ways also can be nonpermanent solutions, which means you can change the design whenever you want. For example, a wooden screen or curtain can divide the living room and dining room into two parts if there is no concrete wall between them.

Creative Ideas for Splitting a Room Without Building Walls

Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are very easy to install and they come in different shapes and colors to suit different styles. They also require no maintenance compared to other alternatives. Different types of panels work fine in the bathroom and kitchen. To add depth and texture to your space you can instantly decorative panels to update the look of your home and make it glamorous. Before installing these panels choose colors and styles that fit with other elements of style.

The Types of Wall Panels

  • brick wall panels
  • kitchen wall panels
  • hallway paneling
  • wall panels for bedrooms
  • wall panels for living rooms

Wooden Partition

wood lined partition wall

Purchasing a wooden divider might be a wise choice if your space has a naturalistic feel. It will not take up much space and will divide the space in half while blending into the natural ambiance of the room. Wooden partitions are easy to build and can be rearranged as needed. Adding a wooden screen can give your space a more earthy feel. It may also take the shape of sliding doors, panels, or a moveable wooden screen. You may choose the sort of divider you wish to install based on your needs and budget. Any kind of wooden divider can be used to divide an open kitchen and eating room if there isn't one already.

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Display Cabinet

Utilize your display cabinet to divide spaces where you want to blend style and functionality, such as the dining area and living room, or the bedroom and lounge area. Stuff your cabinet with intriguing sculptures, potted plants, framed pictures, seashells you've collected on seashore trips, or anything else you believe is important enough to retain. Just make an effort to avoid packing it full of items.


Wooden bookcase in interior of modern living room

One of the best options for room dividers are bookcases that provide you with more storage space, protect your valuables like books, and keep your home neat and organized. Your room will benefit from having a bookcase as it can be used for storage and division. Those who live in apartments will find this to be a particularly good option.

Wall-to-Wall Aquarium

Modern corridor with aquarium

This is an opulent option that gives your room an air of glamour. The area may be divided effectively by adding an enormous aquarium. In addition to providing good visibility between the rooms, the fish tank will add a decorative element. In addition to the vibrant fish, you may have an underwater garden with coral, shells, and other ornamental elements in addition to green vegetation. However, it's among the most expensive ways to divide a space without a wall. It will also need a lot of maintenance and attention at the same time.

Stylish Curtains

If a space has to be divided without the use of a wall, curtains can provide an easy and fast fix. Except for the curtain rod, it requires very little installation, and you may simply match its color to your space. Renters will find curtains to be a blessing because of how affordable and easy they are to install and remove. Depending on the function, you may choose the type of curtain. Let's say you want to divide the dining room and the hall with beaded curtains. Or you might use plastic curtains to divide the area where the shower and toilet are located.

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Set up a Counter

One creative and practical method to divide a room is to set up a counter. If you want to divide a kitchen and a dining area, this is quite useful. If you'd like a breakfast counter and a soft barrier in one, think about adding a kitchen island. This solution preserves your space's openness without obstructing the view, which is its finest feature.

Advantages Of Using Room Dividers

    • Affordable: Another attractive feature of room dividers is that they are inexpensive. You can just set up a room divider instead of hiring a contractor to come in and build walls.
    • Space Utilization: In the case of Studio Apartments, Room dividers can effectively create more rooms for another activity such as work or dining.
    • Trouble-Free Maintenance: There are no difficulties with upkeeping room dividers. All you need is a clean towel to keep them clean.
    • Hide your work and relax: You won’t need to tidy up your work area at the end of the day if you just hide everything behind a curtain.

Bring luxury to Your Home with Mimari Expert Design

If you live in a rented apartment and you can't do much to change the layout of your rooms, you will find room dividers very handy. It allows you to create spaces and increase functionality at the lowest cost possible. However, if you are considering partitioning a more complex space such as an office, for example, you need a plan and design. Mimari Expert, one of the leading interior design companies in Turkey, has an experienced team of ambitious designers who can develop and handle projects of every kind. Paying attention to every detail, our projects prove to be modern and functional while highlighting aesthetic elements.
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