Top Interior Design Trends in 2024 for Your Home in Istanbul

Discover the top interior design trends for 2024 in Istanbul, tailored to the unique style and soul of the city. Upgrade your home and embrace the latest design.

Top Interior Design Trends in 2024 for Your Home in Istanbul

We can't wait to see what the world of interior design and décor has in store for us in the new year. This article will provide you with the most recent design concepts that complement Istanbul's historic residences and old city, should you choose to implement them in your own space. Istanbul embraces variety, and current fashions are no different. Vibrant hues and eye-catching decorations highlight each element's uniqueness.

Top Interior Design Trends of 2024 for Istanbul Houses

Let Plants Grow Indoors

Stylish interior design of living room with plants indoor

Designers, homeowners, and companies are increasingly drawn to natural aesthetics and incorporating outdoor beauty into their spaces. Turkiye is known for its large green spaces and abundance of trees. Plants are a reflection of Istanbul's surroundings and its gardens, therefore it is brilliant to include them in your home's decor. Being green is a way of life, not just a fashion! By 2024, a lot of current trends will be replaced by environmentally conscious interior design. Green walls, eco-friendly materials, and biophilic components will let the outside in.

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Add Sculpture Art

Having sculptures on your property enhances its aesthetic appeal, which is equally as significant as having a view of the Bosphorus Strait. In the living room, where a sculpture art can be placed, pick something rich, opulent, and bold because current design trends value diversity and boldness.

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Timeout From Computers in a Bathtub

Modern Bathroom Interior in Istanbul apartment

The yearning to unwind and escape technology, which has started to overtake us even in our beds, is pressing and growing. Enjoy a traditional bathroom experience with no contemporary technology—just you and the bathtub. Unwind in front of a large window that lets in natural light and offers a view of verdant greenery.

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Vibrant Colour Choices

This is the year of loudness, diversity, and bold colours. We will bid farewell to simple colours in favour of loud ones. If you like dark and neutral furniture, this has become outdated, now we will see everything around us abounding in a wide colour spectrum. This is actually what Hagia Sophia looks like in its interior design when the sun's rays illuminate its colourful windows. If you are thinking about getting a sofa for the living room, choose it with colourful cushions.

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Curvy Lines Won

Room Interior with curved lines

More and more people are choosing curved designs, and we have seen a renaissance of furniture with curved corners. This style will see its peak in 2024. This trend derives its strength from ideas that mimic nature and are in line with human awareness of the importance of the environment and its preservation. The winding table reflects the nature of plants, which twist in a curved manner in their growth journey. If you want to own a dining table, you can choose a table with a curvy shape. Even the coffee table and ottoman will change their rectangular and square shapes.

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Let Natural Light Illuminate Your Home

Modern living room interior with nature view

With the constant effort to reduce energy consumption, the great importance of relying on natural light as a lighting source in modern designs becomes apparent. According to experts, this design not only saves energy, but also gives the space some comfort, and also contributes to improving the mood. Relying on large windows with light curtains that allow the greatest amount of light makes your home radiate love and life.

Farmhouse Chic

These days, it seems that everyone only has dreams of getting away to countryside; therefore it makes sense that our houses are beginning to show signs of this tendency. This design style, which has exposed wood beams, rustic, shabby-chic vintage furnishings, and décor that seems to have been taken straight out of the farmhouse, is all about creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Outdated Interior Design Trends

  • Monotony: Bid farewell to the dullness of rooms with only one colour. Interior design in 2024 will primarily focus on embracing variety and combining opposing components to create visually appealing settings. Because they lack individuality and brightness, monochromatic furniture and décor are out of style.
  • Recessed Lights: Say goodbye to outdated recessed lighting and hello to the newest trend in concealed illumination. Because they may create harsh shadows and lack the understated beauty that hidden lighting fixtures provide, recessed lights are going out of vogue. The substitute might improve the room's general beauty and showcase the gorgeous 2024 decoration trends.
  • All White: Even though it's classic, the all-white look is becoming less fashionable in 2024. It is said to be cold and uninspiring. Bolder and more expressive colour schemes are becoming popular among design aficionados as a way to give their living spaces personality and cosiness.

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Choose Mimari Expert for a Timeless Interior Design

A trendy design may impress your guest for a while, but a well-designed room will be stunning forever. So when you seek trendy ideas you should know trends change but a good design will be elegant for a long time. It is not practical to change your design every year, therefore you need expert consultation for a modern and chic style of design. Mimari Expert, a well-known company in Istanbul, is ready to help you imagine and create a fantastic style for your home. Contact us and get a free consultation with one of our brilliant designers.

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