The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Home Pool

Install the best home pool design in your backyard with our comprehensive guide. This guide covers everything from budgeting and choosing materials to installation and landscaping.

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Home Pool

As summer draws near, the idea of relaxing by a cool pool seems more and more alluring.  Whether you're wanting to update your current design or create a whole new pool, this guide offers inspiration for designing your ideal pool. Discover an array of breathtaking pool designs, ranging from the luxurious beauty of a Tuscan getaway to the farmhouse pool's rustic appeal.  Plan your summer retreat by utilizing these creative ideas.

The Importance of Home Pools Design

There are many advantages to having a home pool that goes well beyond just cooling down in the summer. The following are some explanations for why owning a pool may greatly improve your life:

Mental and Physical Health: Swimming is a full-body exercise that enhances flexibility, muscular tone, and cardiovascular health. Sun exposure also naturally raises serotonin levels, which enhance pleasure and support the synthesis of vitamin D.
Leisure and amusement: Following an exhausting day, swimming pools provide a peaceful haven for you to unwind and alleviate tension. They are also a great place to organize events and make enduring memories with loved ones all year round as an entertainment venue.
Style and Preference: The benefit of creating your swimming pool from the ground up is that it may be tailored to precisely suit your requirements. Standard pool designs may provide you with fewer alternatives than you would want for colour schemes, pool forms and sizes.

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Types of Swimming Pools

  • Inground: A pool that is embedded in the ground, with the tops of the walls level with your grass, is known as an inground pool. The most popular kind of backyard pools is inground ones, which are favoured for their durable construction and streamlined appearance.
  • Above-Ground: An above-ground pool is a semi-permanent construction that is typically 1.20 to 1.80 meters deep and has a diameter of up to 9 meters, despite the name essentially telling us what it is.  The cost of an above-ground pool is comparatively low, and building one is relatively easy.
  • Lap: Swimmers who want to improve their physical fitness and well-being can use lap pools. While their proportions set them apart, they are quite comparable to standard-sized pools. Lap pools are long, rectangular, tapering pools, whereas standard-sized pools are wide and balanced.
  • Architectural: One of the most costly kinds of swimming pools is an architectural pool. As the name implies, an architect created this kind of pool. They usually include complex and distinctive design aspects that need large installation costs and time, and they demand a great deal of expertise and preparation before installation.

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Modern Pool Design Ideas For Your Home

Add a Fountain Element to Your Pool

add fountain in your home pool

If you want your pool to have the most relaxing sound effect possible, add a fountain element.  Water elements that shoot out into the air from your swimming pool are called pool water fountains. If you envision the ideal backyard getaway including a splash of artistic flair, you should check out the characteristics of the swimming pool water fountain. There are features for in-ground pools, floating fountains, and even a pool fountain with lights.

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Recreate the Tropics

tropical style pool

By enclosing your pool in aggregate-seeded concrete decking and planting a dense canopy of low-water, low-maintenance plants around it, you can create the illusion that your pool is surrounded by nature. You can replicate the allure of the tropics using man-made rock and waterfall components, even if your house is hundreds of miles away from the closest island.

Build in Steps

Built in Steps for home pool

With built-in stairs, you can make your pool easily accessible to everyone. Built-in steps for a swimming pool are more than just decoration; they lend style and functionality to these spaces. Built-in stairs blend seamlessly with the swimming pool's general appearance.

Build in Seating

By adding seating directly into the perimeter of the pool, there is enough space for both swimming and sitting. Water-covered seats, which are integrated into the pool's construction, are a terrific place to unwind on hot days when a pool float isn't cool enough.

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Add in Natural Stone

natural stones beside home pool adding beauty

A nature-inspired pool will blend in with the yard and provide a tranquil haven with the addition of stones and a unique form. As a distinctive substitute for pool liners, add a few rocks to the pool's perimeter or line the entire surface with natural stone.

Add a Slide

Pink plastic slide for children in the swimming pool

The pool slide is a classic pool feature for children and even adults who enjoy having a good time. You can make it even more unique by adding a personalized pathway, material, or shape to the pool slide. You can have an enclosed slide, a winding slide, or one with spray jets, depending on your preferences.

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Prepare for the Pool Party

Luxury House With Swimming Pool At Night

Enough dry land surrounding the pool is necessary for the perfect entertainment area. With a lounge area, fireplace, and lots of seats next to the water, the swimming pool design makes the most of the hangout area. Like an open-air pool house, the whole space will feel cohesive.

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Design your Home Pool with Mimari Expert

With the help of our talented team of architects and designers, your perfect pool may become a reality. Our passion is to create innovative inground pool designs that combine the practicality and efficiency of modern facilities with the timeless beauty of traditional classics. Safety is not just a feature, but it also forms the foundation of our methodology. We put your family's safety first by following the highest safety guidelines at every stage of the pool construction process.
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